Stove top light switch!!!

A friend of mine asked me to go and look at a double wide he wanted to buy and flip. I saw the normal things like holes in the siding, wavy roof, moisture on some of the walls(mostly on the opposite walls where the siding had holes in it) He flips on the main breaker and we try the lights. None worked so he turned the knob for one of the eyes on the stove and the living room fan light came on. He turned off the eye and the light went off. He did this a couple of times and I said look behind you when you do that. We both fell out.
I was not inspecting it for him so I told him I had seen enough. Told him before he went any further to call an electrician and call me the next time he made another great deal to flip. I want to tag along again that made my day.

That makes no sense. A 40 to 50 amp 220 volt stove control running a 15 amp, 120 volt fan?

It is possible that one leg of the service is open for some reason. Turning on the 220 v burner could be backfeeding 120 v to the open circuit and light to the neutral through the burner. Some other possibilities, but that is one of the likely ones.

Just wright it up as a recirculating fan for the stove. And move on. What happened when he flushed the toilet?