Stranded Copper Grounding Electrode Conductor

I think this is the first time I’ve seen anything other than solid copper, 6 AWG, used as the GEC. The elect. system and the CSST gas piping were grounded to to two separate rods using stranded copper wire.

Is this allowed? I couldn’t find anything that specified it had to be solid copper. (Photos of gas and elect. system grounding attached.)

021009 046.JPG 021009 041.JPG


The stranded ground is ok bare or insulated but it’s the size that concerns me. Is that a 200 Amp service? Judging by the picture it looks to be about a 2" PVC conduit.



While my first post awaits moderation, if this is a 100 Amp service the ground is fine.

I apologize, I do see that you said two separate rods. Do systems in the US not need 2 ground rods spaced a ten feet apart with a continuous run to the second rod?


Hi Joe,

I with you, I’ve never seem stranded used for the ground but can’t say its wrong, however I doubt that the acorn clamp on the driven rod is correct when using stranded conductors.

Maybe one of our resident Sparkies can clear this up (if we haven’t scared them all off) :wink:



I was under the assumption it had to be solid

We see stranded copper ground wires in our neck of the woods all the time



Same here, if you have ever seen lightening arrest wiring it is also stranded, in fact it actually appears to be braided. The green wire appears to be undersized, might be the pic tho…

See what happens when we assume lolol:D

Stranded is the standard in my neck of the woods


The ground rod conductor can be solid or stranded. It needs to identified with a green marking or be bare. #6 awg. is the largest size needed unless a job spec. states otherwise. Regarding the clamp on the gas pipe. it appears to be aluminum alloy which is not approved for wet locations. Tis wire also needs to be protected againstphysical damage.

That is all I use for G.E.C. Less labor,little more cost. Power company o.k. with it.

**250.62 Grounding Electrode Conductor Material. **The
grounding electrode conductor shall be of copper, aluminum,
or copper-clad aluminum. The material selected shall
be resistant to any corrosive condition existing at the installation
or shall be suitably protected against corrosion. The
conductor shall be solid or stranded, insulated, covered, or

P.S…scare us off…I hear ya !

It is very common to used stranded conductors for grounding electrode conductor however there is one item it need to be addressed.,

IMO looks like too small to me unless the photo play trick on my eyes.

It should have second rod near by minum of 2 meter{6 feet } away.

Speaking of gas pipe that conductor is correct size if 100 amp main OCPD there if 200 amp no it is too small and I am not 100 % famuair with OP’s local code requirement related to bonding on gas pipe so I will leave that answer to OP’s electrician whom they are famuair in that area.