35 year old metal roofing, bonded granules, panels molded like shakes

These things were in really good shape, especially for in a high wind area, but I’ve never seen them before. Panels were about 3 ft. long w/12" exposure. Kind of fragile though. The big guy coming up the ladder bent a few.

You dont see many of them because the price was so high. We are now just starting to see a lot of them in Florida. After Wilma two years ago the price of concrete tile became comparable with metal roofs. The only problem is most companies do not know how to install them correctly.

I have done about five of these . The ones I saw where manufactured in our area.
On place had some spares in the Basement and they did not look much different then the ones on the roof for 30 + years.
Yes you are correct they should not be walked on need a ladder or plank for protection some where bent from walking on .
I told my wife she should do the roof as she was much lighter then me .
I did not know she new the words that came out from her.
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I’ve only came across them once, last year (hence the snow in the picture). If anyone is wondering,… no I didnt make the dents while I was walking the surface, :mrgreen: someone else did and the resson for the picture. :roll:

061127-01 013.jpg

Sorry to drop the thread, but…

man, I wish I had a view of the mountains while inspecting.

Dem der are hills,… THIS is a Mountain! :mrgreen: and why we call it “Gods Country”:wink:

This is a magazine that has been giving me a free subscription for a couple years. Way more information than I ever want to know about metal roofs, but if you are interested here is their website. Lots of articles in the archives.



I have seen this type of product recently.

It was on a Condominium Building and was a recent installation (replacement of existing asphalt shingle roof)

120 degree view of the continental divide (3 mi away) at this place.