Strange site at O'hare Airport

Here in Chicago we have O’Hare Airport and while coming back towards town from a job today I saw a ton of black smoke and while zooming by I snapped this picture through my open window.

Notice the strange shapes ,including what looks like a airplane with no wings to the left.

Any one know what this could be going on.?


Practice fire for the airport FD.

Though just maybe I will be the next guest on that Radio show “Coast to Coast”

training exercise.

Definitely FD training. Happens regularly. It’s quite the set-up… They have pressure nozzles that spray Jet-A fuel onto a mock-up of a DC-10 aircraft. Light it off and and then work the fire into submission. It literately takes them less than 45 seconds to extinguish the fully engulfed mock-up. Hope they never have to do it in an actual emergency. (remember AA Flt# 191)

Thanks,I guess.

Darn ,that guest shot on UFO hunters was sounding good.

Agree on the Fire training. We have one here on Beale AFB that the fire department lights up all the time. Quite the site to see.

thats the best show around… I’ve heard some of the best stories in my life at 330 am… lol