One heck of a pilot!

Check it out here :shock:

That was awesome!

Absolutely awesome. Wonder how many he crashed before he got it right?

Now Ken, are you saying it’s fake??:D;-)

I doubt if it was planned.

It was an amazing landing that could have gone very badly.

That dude absolutely rules! Amazing![object Object]&pp=ZNxdm824OHUS

IF this is real that was awesome!! I doubt it is though.

Hey guys, News flash! …

it’s not real.

It bounced off the ground when it landed… something says fake ??

How would you like to be on this flight:

Those Hong Kong landings are always exciting. Here’s one from Germany. My son landed there on the same day (Glad I didn’t see this until the next day)

Oh man Mark! You’re killing me over here! Say it ain’t so.

If that was fake, they sure fooled me.

The first clue it was faked was the cockpit was not full of CRAP!!! when he flung open the hatch. We used to make some hairy landings (and take offs) up in Adak, Alaska with the bodacious wind sheers coming off two mountain ridges at each end of the runway. Ive had to pull the seat cushion out of my backside many times. But when a wing falls off… it suddenly starts to fly like a Pontiac.

What can I say? In a country where people will vote for obama, I have learned not to doubt anything!

As much as we all think that it might be areodynamically impossible, it happened with an F-15 two years ago. Watch here .

If you listen carefully, the pilot ignited his afterburners and in Larrys post, the pilot did the same thing, listen to the reveving of the propellor motor just before he hit the ground.

So it could very well be that this could be done.

I would be buried in the cockpit neck deep in ka, ka, . :mrgreen:

Marcel :):smiley:

That was one hell of a landing. It that were me, the cockpit cover would have been brown.


I want to know why you say it’s not real?

Bad editing.

There’s been some other vidoes going around of guys throwing sun glasses from various places, and catching them on their face. Same kind of thing.

F15 with tons of power, and and out of control prop plane are two different things. The prop plane was on it’s side and out of control. I’m still not buying it.

BTW, any of you guys want to buy bridge? I’ve got a real nice one in New York city I’d be happy to sell you. :mrgreen:

I’m just not seeing the bad editing.

Does anyone have good video software to watch in slow-mo?

Notice the blurring and the changing of speed of the plane before it lands? That’s not your internet connection.

But put all that aside…

Don’t you think something as spectacular as this landing (if it were true) would be all over the media. Instead it’s on an internet video.