Strange wear to shingles

Has anyone seen shingles wear this way?






Appears as though they are defective shingles.

Looks like someone thought it would be a good idea to power wash the roof.

Heat damage. Check for proper attic ventilation. Service life is at end.

Typically when it happens in just a certain portion, (like just a bundle or two of area) it is defective shingles. At least thats what I have determined.

That is not a standard roof shingle product.

Never seen anything like it. It almost resembles an Insul-Brick product.

The pattern is a cheaper version of an Elk product that was a 3-Tab that had 2" strips laminated randomly. They were run on 5" offsets not the standard 6". I will try to find some info it has been quit a while since we installed these. Maybe Elk Prestique

That would be nice Curtis to have something on that one.
How old a product is it do you think.?:slight_smile:

The only thing I see similar today is Certain Teed Independence but the new style doesn’t have the tiger stripe. We put them on in the late 80s early 90s in north central Illinois. I will keep looking but were computers around back then.:wink:

Computer on jobsite in 85. :slight_smile:

My first thought was defective shingles - but the overall condition of the roof suggests that this could be an original cover from the 70’s - pressure washing was suggested by my partner -

Maybe a combination of late 80’s material and pressure washing defective shingles?!

By the way Russ - the whole roof is in this condition!

Sorry, looked like only a portion was…

No worries - That was my first thought too, until I saw other signs of wear and the overall condition

Anyone here ever see them being made?
I bet the spray pattern where granules would stick better is shaped like that.


We could go all CSI Home Inspector for the nest three pages of posts, or, you can tell your Client the Roofing Material is Toast. :smiley:

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More fun for us if we go CSI

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Thanks Brian! I did ask the client if he would like some coffee with his toast!!

Marcel, I havent given up still looking:)