Stress-Free Home Inspection

That comment on one of your link doesn’t do justice for the software you’re using or your skills…

Generating your Home Inspection report actually takes longer then the home inspection. Utilizing one of the best Home Inspection programs on the market it takes about 4 - 5 hours to complete the report.

Thanks Marcel - I have completely forgot about that entry. Year and half ago maybe but now that I do my inspections on site it takes much less time. I’ll have to fix that…

Is there some other way to do an inspection???

I really have to say, you chose a great really name for your Home Inspection business.

Ian, I don’t understand what you mean? Not sure if you meant that as a compliment - you like the name I chose or not? If you don’t, why not?

I think it is a creative name Kenneth :slight_smile:

Thanks Shawn !!

Because my wife started talking to me as I typed, and I somehow left out the word “great”. :slight_smile:

So, if you find some major concerns with a home, do not mention those, so as not to stress the buyer?

Yes, that’s probably exactly the image he’s trying to portray, or maybe it’s stress free for the buyers because they have the confidence that they are making an informed decision based on a thorough home inspection, which in turn will hopefully minimize their chance of encountering unexpected surprises…

I didn’t look at the sites, but based on this snippet I would suggest you have someone proof your pages for additional mistakes…

The proper word here is THAN