Structural Gem

Same bldg as recent posts of brick wall and brick 1900 foundation (Exterior Section) The bump out that is 3 stories high, do not know how it is still standing. Floors are way out of level, completely deteriorated wood structure. The screw driver went right through a lot of wood material. Great 2x4 supports!

charles 023.jpg

charles 041.jpg

charles 048.jpg

charles 031.jpg

charles 027.jpg

charles 027.jpg

charles 031.jpg

Picture 5 is that an old window weight?

Yes, it is a window weight

John, sorry to say, but the seller is better off to let this POS go to the lowest bidder with a wrecking ball. :mrgreen:

Wow, to top it off they should have attached a deck to the bay! :slight_smile:

Makes me happy buildings like that do not exist in my area.

Same here, though I have not been all over the town to check. :mrgreen::wink:

The canopy over the door in picture one is particularly elegant, also.

I hope you made a lot of money on that inspection.