Carl Brown-aka StuccoBoy-here is one for you:))


Very seldom - :shock: - do I see stucco applied like this, it does not seem to crack when installed in this fashion…I wonder why all builders here don’t do it this way?------:twisted:—:D—:D—:D—:D—:smiley:

I had to get you’re blood boiling a little—Sorry----:D—:D—:D—:smiley:

That’s like finding a needle in a haystack! :slight_smile:

Oh man Brian, you got that right—:D-:D-:D-:D-:smiley:

With the control joints…that could be PM EIFS/hybrid stucco. It absolutely looks like stucco but its polymer non-cementious based.

I’m curious…Did you knock on it?

I don’t see a lot of stucco around here, the stuff I do see is on a small scale. Not the entire house just a small section, a detail or two.

Dave, educate me on how you can tell it’s polymer non-cementious based, just from the photo.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I can’t…that’s why I asked if it was knocked on. The exterior coat of the polymer based stucco is not thick at all. When you tap on it, it sounds hollow compared to solid stucco.

Sorry, I misunderstood your comment! :slight_smile:

Control joints!!

Must have worked on that wall before the BEER JOINT!

But still no backer rod and sealant joint around the window!


With all your education in STUCCO, I’d like to see you come out with an educational video series on iNACHI TV.


That would never fly!

The folks at ASTM have their heads in dark places!

And the bulk of stucco problems can be linked to windows,flashing,and last but not least moisture barriers! Please do not get me started about AAMA!

All of these are not installed by stucco contractors yet stucco gets the bad rap!

Here is a link to the control joint!

Thanks DALE!!! ](,) ](,) ](*,)


I’m referring to…

But the ex-perts in the various parts of the industry would say it was
mis-information. I would not want INACHI to get a black eye for my opinions!

I think it was INACHI TV #33 that made my blood boil when I watched it.

If homeowners could sue the city’s for it would change things alot!

They do not need to because they sue the HI.

And thats getting easier to do by what I have been reading here!

Hi Dave,

Here we use Styrofoam, barrier, chicken wire(:D), base coat cement stucco, finish coat cement stucco, paint, but VERY seldom do I see control joints, which is why the stucco cracks all to hell here usually.

I push the palm of my hand against walls between studs to make sure there is 3/8ths of an inch of final product, which is required, sometimes the palm of my hand goes through the wall, Oops----:D…I have been doing it for so long I know the feel—:cool:

Which means there is not 3/8ths of an inch----:smiley:

But I only push good and hard on new construction----:D…so the builder can come and re-stucco the entire house, damn, does that make them mad for some reason—:smiley:

Older homes I knock and push normally----:smiley:

So Dale, are you saying this one was done right because of the control joints?

The only thing that caught my eye was the caulking joint around the window and seems like the window sill is buried in the finish.

Just curious.:slight_smile: :smiley:

Didn’t know you had it in ya…:smiley:


Getting a little picky aren’t we? :wink:

He only found them on one window thats why there is only 1 picture!


Correction, only bottom half of one window :wink: :shock: :wink:

Thanks Barry!

He has me seeing red again!

Do you think he is getting pictures from somewhere else??