Stucco eating snails

Anybody got any verbiage on how you would write this up.


Giant African snails

I understand these just might be good eating if cooked correctly .

"Snails and/or trails from snails found on the front elevation. Gross.

I doubt it. Apparently they can actually kill you just by touching them. The give you some messed up brain disease or something. They recommend NEVER handling them without gloves.

Did you read the post above . I did and this is some of what I picked up

(" Florida officials found giant African land snails in Miami-Dade County in September. And, yes, they’re edible if well cooked. ")
("Who eats giant snails? Plenty of folks, if not so many in the United States. Just consider escargot, the tasty French preparation of smaller, corn-fed snails doused in butter, garlic and herbs. Their meatier big brothers are an important protein source in coastal Nigeria. You can order them in a New York restaurant for $10. But it’s not cooked snails that are the problem — for the same reason most folks don’t eat raw shrimp or raw meat in general, for that matter. You heat them first, to kill uninvited disease-causing guests. It’s the undercooked or raw ones that can be a problem. And also other exposure to slime.
Take two cases of meningitis in Louisiana: In one, an 11-year-old boy had eaten a small raw snail on a dare. In another, a 22-year-old had eaten two raw legs from a green tree frog — also on a dare. ")

Nope I did not read it. I have just heard all over the news that you want nothing to do with them.

I do love eating snails but I think i’ll pass on them.

Here is a video about them I will watch now.

Yeah maybe a profitable business for South Floridians. Meeeeeee

You know if you have not heard a rumor by 10;00 am it might be good one to start .
Suddenly people will help keep the snails under control …

"Wow! do you know I heard these snails are great to eat when cooked "

Added…Thanks for the movie

That would sure seem to solve the problem. Miami is very ethnically diverse and a great many folks would likely start eating them if they new they could. I would keep them alive for a few weeks feeding them good stuff to flush out all the crap they have been eating. The News around here made it seem like all of our lives were in danger :).

One really, really big one could kill you by sucking your brain out through your eye sockets. Or 18,000 attacking you all at once, just like in that Alfred Hitchcock movie where the snails suddenly go crazy and start attacking people.

no big deal…

“Stucco on the exterior of the home had damage that appeared consistent with snail damage. Snails of a type known to eat stucco were visible during the inspection. The Inspector recommends that before the expiration of your Inspection Objection Deadline, you consult with a qualified pest control contractor to gain an idea of options and costs for snail removal, and with a qualified contractor to gain an idea of options and costs for stucco repair.”