Hungry little devils

Found this in a walk-in attic area today. The entire wall was like this. Altough I’m not licensed to say what they are, Realtor was trying to say this was “drywall damage from water being soaked up and then dried”.:roll:

I strongly recommended “further evaluation…”:wink:







that’s the long lost topigraphical map of the lost city of Atlantis.


DING DING DING. YOU WIN JOE. i saw the mud tubes too, but though Atlantis was more optamistic.


Realtor kept trying to downplay the issue. Even the sellers pest report downplayed the issue. Sellers claim that previous owners had treated for them.

I told client that if they are in the attic, who knows what they did to the framing on the way up and recommended they get sellers permission to tear out that wall in order to view the framing.

Client ask if I recommended a pest company for inspection. I did and stated they charge $90 and are very thorough. Realtor heard that and said “oh, well I’ll get you a better deal on that…” I told client that I realize there are companies that perform these for $35 a pop, but told her to beware…

I hope she makes her own mind up and doesn’t let that realtor steer her. Oh well…

Does look like a topo map doesn’t it.:slight_smile:

:wink: :mrgreen:

I always give my disclaimer that I’m not a certified termite and pest control inspector first, then advise them to hire a competent termite inspector to determine if the termites have been properly taken care of and hire someone to check for structural damage. If you use a bug spray on termites they will simply avoid that area. I hope the seller and realtor have good legal counsel, I’d buy it just so I could sue them.