Attn: Florida Inspectors

Just saw this news article. Seems like this African Snail, which was imported as a pet, have now entered the wild. The eat most everything but have affinity for Stucco, of all things. Seems like they are drawn to the calcium in the stucco for shell development.

Good news, they don’t like EIFS.

Boy, how can life get any weirder?

I haven’t spotted any yet (not that I’m actively searching) but, I remember a few weeks ago the local County emplyees setting up traps in a swath of a particular neighborhood they had been spotted. They were going house to house setting up a perimeter. Sort of like CSI “Snail” edition!


What will they think of next. Now there is a new way to tell the difference between stucco and EIFS.

Eric to client: :I have good news and bad news. The good news, you do not have EIFS…the bad news, my snail inspectors ate the coating off of the house!

What next…?

Maybe they will take over and i’ll be able to make money in the Stucco business again :slight_smile: