Stucco Finish on Superior Walls

Hey Guys,

I need some help. I’m not a Stucco expert as there is not that many homes in my area that have Stucco siding. In addition, this newly constructed house I inspected yesterday was built with a Superior Wall foundation. The very first one I have come across in my area.

So, my question is with the way the builder applied the Stucco on the exterior of the superior walls. Superior walls are pre-cast sections, and the builder left the corners and all joints for the pre-cast sections unfinished, then applied caulk at the joints. This just didn’t look right to me, but the builder threw a fit stating that the Stucco was not allowed on the joints or corners due to expansion.

While that made sense to me, my argument was that the exterior caulk used to seal the corners and joints will eventually deteriorate leading to moisture intrusion or at least water seeping behind the Stucco.

Therefore, what do you think? Is this right?

Thanks in advance for any advice :slight_smile:






But yet they wrapped the stucco trim around the corner!

The caulk joints to have to be maintained as do the ones around the windows and doors!

Is that Faux stone on the bottom? If so what did they do with those corners?

And it might just be a thin cote of acrylic base cote and finish over the concrete! No lath and moisture barrier involved.


Answer your phone!

Thanks for the advice, Barry :slight_smile:




For the rest of us looking for the answer can you bless us with your input Mr. Adair?:smiley:

Mr. died many moons ago

Superior wall how are inside/outside corners constructed/sealed without further application of conventional moisture/vapor barrier papers/wraps at the exterior?

Then a thin at best application of synthetic stucco products unless further information has been omitted and our all time favorite a butt ugly fillet caulk sealant joint used to prevent moisture intrusion…this tells me we have a system that is designed/destined to fail…I’ll stand on this until proven wrong

Suggest application of floating EIFS trim caps at corners with doubled ribbon beads of low modulus sealant. This should allow for movement and maintain weather proofing.



Instead of posting this here you should contact the mfgr. and sell them the improvement on their system. :wink:

Smart man!