Stucco Flashing Type?

Would you call this a weep screed? It doesn’t look like what I’m used to.


Looks like an expansion joint. I don’t see any mesh there to allow drainage.

Expansion bead - aka control joint…


It does not look like it but there are some VERY new products that you do not see holes and it is supposed to drain through the crack where the plastic meets the stucco. How old is the home?

see page 9 mid wall accessory.

I would bet 99% would call it out as not a weep. I would have till I saw it and read it. Now how well it really works…Who knows. I think they should back trowel the bead after final finish to hurry the natural break where the stucco and plastic meet to quicken the process but that is just my 2 cents.


Not sure how long the product above has been available. I just learned of it around a year ago. Sorry I cannot be of more help.

A weep screed is the lowest flashing installed on a hard-coat stucco-system (HCSS), and is installed at the sill plate if the structure. While all flashings perform similar functions with regard to moisture deflection, the one pictured is specifically for “crack-control.” No different than control joints in slabs & concrete walks.

99% of the homes in CA are a HCSS, and these beads have been in use since the late 90’s. However, I can’t say I’ve ever seen the vinyl products being used out here.

Thanks to all.