Stucco stains on the patio

What do you guys think causes these stains on the stucco?

It is the exterior of the living room.

Is this a covered patio?

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Is it a covered patio?? Windows have no sill, looks like moisture getting in.

Not a full-covered patio, just a pergola type cover on the sides with full coverage in the center.

I’m thinking the same.

Maybe they hosed the house down before showing it and got it all loaded up with water…?:slight_smile:

Why would it load up only under windows? I would be concerned.

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Kinda shows up on thermal. I’ll just say they need to get a stucco guy out to check it out. It’s definitely moisture though.

First thing that came to mind for me too. Leaking window sills. Why is the slab wet under the window only? The same stains are seen under all windows.
WAG, but first place to look close.

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Yes, there is a lot that we can’t see, even on the upper windows and where the pergola attaches to the house.


Good choice, those windows don’t even show backer rod and sealant. That is totally messed up.


That thermal may not help. Think Delta T

If thermals worked on stucco, we would never have to probe.


And, having the hot arm in the frame affects the colors. Do you have a thermal pic without the arm?

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No other thermal photos. I’m calling it a “needs a stucco expert” issue.

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I’m seeing zero caulk in the gap between the stucco and the vinyl window frame. That can be ok, but only if any water that enters is then kicked out below. I’d start with windows, rather than a stucco expert. And check the interior for any signs of stress, perhaps removing a cover plate or two from any interior electrical in the area.

Some of the patterns I am seeing, especially on the upper level, appear to be from pressure washing.

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It’s the pipe going to the hose bibb by sliding door.

by looking at the photos on the pergola I can see soffit installed, is there a roof on that part or is the soffit open to the weather.
Is there flashing along the ledger board?
also looks like new installed vinyl windows with the cuts in the stucco with no sealant at all.

Looks like water is getting into and behind the stucco. did you thermal the inside of the walls? were there mold present?
it the stucco EIFS or traditional?

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Might be a bad job of installing the new windows. With Stucco it should it be cut back when the windows are installed so you can keep the flange on the window. When a friend got his replaced it was installed without cutting back the stucco and another window place said this was wrong and had to have them replaced again.

I would also be concerned about the solar panels installed on this roof. Would be very difficult to seal proper and also crack the tiles during the install. Many off these installers don’t have a clue about what they are doing. Worked at home depot last week stocking shelves