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Great timing,

I will be inspecting a stucco over block home on Friday. Any other tips?
I did a driveby yesterday, it is a 1950 stucco over block with a flat roof, it is a Rehab, everything inside and out is repainted. In the sunlight I can see the cracking and repairing of the exterior, in some areas they used a mesh tape to cover the gaps(you can still see the cross patterns of the mesh). Where the stucco walls meet the steps to the walk out basement there is about a 1/2" gap that looks as though the steps have sunk.
Any tips/insights would be appreciated.
Thanks, Steve


I would like to see some pictures of that if you would share.

Hopefully I can have the pics up around 8-9pm Friday night. I dont know how good the crack pics will come out, they have been repaired(?) and painted. Steve