I inspected a new construction house today with stucco covering the exterior walls. It was not an EFIS system just a two part system covering a block house. I know with EFIS the stucco and weep screed are supposed to terminated 4-6" above grade. Is it acceptable for the two part system to terminate below grade? Thanks for any help

Hard coat stucco should also terminate 6" above grade, as is the case with most all siding materials.

They almost always are done that way here and that is how the architects and builders want it.

Nothing wrong with it in my opinion.

One of hundreds of sites that discuss this…

Who cares what a contractor wants? An architect want’s it to look nice! Is it right? NO!

Hate to tell you but you will look like a Dumb *** if you call that out in Florida.

Don’t give a damn what builders, architects, realtors, etc… think of me. Home buyers love me!!! Good enough for me! :wink:


It should be disclosed that “The Meeker” is an out of work Stucco Conspector, so his opinions on Florida Stucco practices may be a bit jaded.

I recommend you continue with the opinions of disinterested third parties for your inquiry.


It is the standard of practice and accepted by all in florida. Even the most expensive block homes with stucco are done in this manner.

Please someone with experience in this matter speak up.

Matter of fact if the home requires a scratch coat inspection then it would fail if it was not done.

Jonas is a dumb A-s from another State and is wrong about me as well.He is a great example of someone who takes a course and or reads something and considers it the truth. Just another person with no experience. I am still applying Stucco on both the East and West coast of Florida and have done so for 20+years for some of the biggest builders in the State. Trust me there is NOTHING wrong with the practice you describe and those who think there is do not have FLORIDA construction experience.

Hey Jonas what do I have to gain from sterring this guy wrong you fool?

Once again, any credibility you may have had, is sliding downhill. Do I need to search for all the posts you made, claiming you are not a Conspector because you DO NOT do stucco work anymore???

Hurry… run off and delete those posts. Good thing many were quoted for posterity.

Are you done editing your post yet?

Saved for posterity! :mrgreen:

Find one where I say that I no longer do stucco and I will start a tread publicly apologizing to you.


I will be waiting. Care to make a wager?

I see it almost every day just wasn’t sure about code because this one was just built.

I guess you are searching, A.

Good luck and have fun.

Please someone that is respected by all and happens to work in Florida tell this guy what is up.

It is the way they will continue to be built. Heck I would love to hear from someone who has even seen it done another way on a block home on a slab in Florida. I know it the Southern Half of the State I have never seen it any other way.

Come on fellow inspectors, speak up.

Check your wind mit picts I know you have them :slight_smile:

I don’t want to be accused of being the Meekers’ whatever word you people want to insert, but, I have never seen an application of stucco that stops six inches above grade.

It has been done the way Mr. Meeker describes for decades. I’ll go out and get a picture of my home which was built in 71 after it rains.

I believe Mr Jonas and his experience up north, where they have suspect soil drainage depending on area, and alot more frame built homes, 4-6 inch above grade siding termination is a whole lot more common, and I would definitely be suspect up north of a house where the siding system, EFIS or otherwise, terminated below ground, but Mr Meeker, in Florida, you are correct as it relates to Florida and block houses with 2 part stucco on block (block, scratch, brown, finish). As a builder of several custom homes, and my own house, it is applied down below grade on a block house. I cannot imagine a client wanting a $600k house built and coming to see a stucco job where the stucco stopped 6 inches above the soil grade. That’s a can of worms I won’t be opening anytime soon…

Although stucco does look nice, even in Florida, when it terminates below grade, it is a better practice to terminate 4-6" above grade. I have been using stucco beading for a nice clean look. Sometimes we do a sand finish below grade. It is really all about termites, in Florida. IMHO