This home is 8 years old, poured concrete walls on 1st floor, wood frame 2nd floor. Usually, I see a drip edge overhang of the 2nd floor - about 1/2-1" overhang around the exterior. In this house, I don’t have any overhang… is this because the walls are poured concrete instead of block construction? Or is it an issue? This was a foreclosure, and someone has painted the area of the 2nd floor sill plate all around the house - makes me wonder about it…

There is a dissimilar expansion going on here.
A control joint or break between the floors would have been a possible solution. It’s quite common to see block and wood frame transitions with a flashing material placed over this joint before application of stucco. Looks like they missed it.

There is a joint visible in the photo, but I can’t tell if there is a weep screed or casing bead there or not. They come in many styles and shapes.


Can’t tell much by photos but likely big issue. Was this a single home o many in a community? Any signs of moisture intrusion inside? Could be major I i would really give it a good lookover. It looks like crap for sure and I am sure whatever they did likely did not fix anything. Instinct says run run run to client? Just saying by what I see in photos. NOT Right looking in photos for sure. Needs to be something between the dissimilar wall materials for sure. I would recommend getting the BEST stucco company in the area to check it out. A good infrared guy would not be a bad idea as well. All this is ONLY based on the photos. Might not be nothing??? Can’t tell without looking, touching, feeling. Myself anyhow.

based on the attempts to repair & sheathing telegraphing
astm c1063 covers what is seen as an improper installation
refer to a stucco specialist unless you’re competent to inspect & perform moisture analysis

Thanks for responses, I did recommend a stucco specialist. There are no signs of moisture intrusion, but I’ve seen examples like this where moisture is all over the 1st floor interiors. I guess I was thrown by this being a poured concrete wall for the 1st floor. I’m used to block construction.