Student Discussion: How to Inspect the Attic, Insulation, Ventilation & Interior Course

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No questions at this time

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I’m ready to dive in! Let’s do this!

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Is anyone else currently taking this course? What are some things you like about the information within, or some challenges?

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I learned a few new things taking this course and reinforced my understanding of some other things like dew point. When the temp of the dew pint is reached, condensation forms by the air molecules squeezing together and releasing the water they are carrying. Pretty cool

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Great to hear, @dbarr6. Thanks for posting your comments.

I think you can always learn something new when completing these. For me, I gained some refreshers on garage doors and the things to check when inspecting them.

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The greatest tool for me has been watching YouTube videos that correspond with the lessons. I am a visual learner. I am grateful for all of the lessons with video playback. This is helpful for visual learners like myself.

Joseph, I found the formatting of the course, the videos and the repetition within different topics covered are extremely helpful.

I have been enjoying every course so far.

This is a very nice refresher course! Thanks!!

And away we go…