Student Discussion: How to Perform Roof Inspections Course

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Great Course

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Time for the roof inspection course!!

Starting the course

Hello Will be starting this course.

wrapping up this course. Learned some new things about ventilation and edge flashing.

Learned a lot of new things. Excited to put this knowledge to use.

Excited to get this course wrapped up and keep on learning. The videos are especially helpful!

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I’m wrapping up the Roof Inspections Course as part of the CPI process. Its good to reinforce what I have already learned and seen in my time as a home inspector.

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Just finishing the Roof Inspections Course. A lot of great information!

just finished up exterior now onto roofing let’s all put are sunscreen. On and hat and sunglasses. Jeremy PA

I learned a few things and glad we have online resources for CEU’s.

Good morning and Happy Independance Day! I am starting the course today and excited to be a member of the InterNACHI Inspection Community!

I am starting this course, new to InterNACHI. Happy Independence Day!!

Finished the textbook part of the course, waiting for the weather to clear up over here (raining almost every day) before getting up on a ladder!

Completed. Enjoyed the videos and information. Usefule information and learned a lot about inspecting roofs.

Great course! I actually real like looking through the inspection articles, I find them to be very easy to get through and extremely helpful!

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Halfway through the roof inspection course. Alot of information to digest.

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Yes I agree the articles are very helpful especially the images and diagrams.

Just getting started, looking forward to it!