Sub panel

Should the ground buss have a bonding strap installed in this 100 amp General Electric sub panel?

The ground buss is always unbonded from the neutral buss in a sub panel. I hope that is the answer you were looking for.

Yes. The grounding terminal is required to be bonded to the enclosure. There should be a bonding strap or bonding screw installed on the grounding terminal.

The bus on the far left is being used for the connection of all the EGC’s, that should be bonded to the enclosure.

This is not always true. Older editions of the NEC allowed three wire feeders to detached building with no metallic path between buildings.

I did not know that. I learn something new everyday. Sorry for my misinformation.

No reason to apologize because as you’ve stated under the last few code cycles your original statement was correct. Jim provided a useful exception that you may encounter in the field when inspecting older installations.

Isn’t it the same today?

It changed under the 2008 NEC which eliminated the exception for new installations.

2005 NEC:

2008 NEC:

Deleted because answer above.

Thanks Robert because I too had wondered.