Subpanel feeders

I have seen subpanels hooked up this way several times now. It is making me wonder if I am incorrectly calling them out. Any thoughts?

The subpanel feeders are attached to the lugs of the main service lines.




This is definitely a “RED FLAG” situation.

You’ve got a triple tap there on the main SE and the sub panels (LSE) will not trip in this situation. Those tapped wires will melt if overloaded. Fire safety issue.

Thats what you call a double hat trick.

A double tap is bad enough.

I appreciate the input. I have seen it a few times lately. It is making me wonder if the local electricians are installing it that way, which is why I was questioning it.

That is sooooooooo bad good call.

All I can say is WOW!

On a similar theme, I saw this arrangement, (excuse the poor pic).
The thing is, the sub panal it was feeding had a 100 amp service, and was wired like a main panel, the Neutral was bonded to the ground.
So hypothetically was that the right thing to do as far as the sparks was concerned with this arrangement?
Anyway the home owner assured me it was done by a pro!

SE Splice.jpg

This is not installed by an electrician, at least not a real electrician.
I know anyone with a rusty pair of Kliens and a mouthfull of wirenuts can call himself an electrician but that does not make it so. I really suspect this was the homeowner or their friend who “knows about electrical stuff”

lol…now thats a POLITE way to say a HACK did it…lol…oh and I can guarantee that on that “Grounded” neutral conductor in the LUG…how many strands to you think they CUT off or actually DO NOT make it into the lug…lol…

Nope…even a BAD “REAL” electrician would not have done this…lol