Subpanel Question on 1988 Condo

I thought if you have a main disconnect on the exterior the interior panel will be a subpanel? This panel is not wired as a sub. Am I missing something? 200 Amp Exterior, 150 Amp interior Main breaker.

Terrill, if there is a service disconnect on the exterior then every panel downstream should be wired as a remote distribution panel (sub panel) with the grounded (neutral) conductors separated from the panel and the grounding (bare) conductors bonded to the panel(s).

Refer it out to a qualified electrician…as there are other things to be remedied there, also.


I agree with Larry. Looks like the original installer had the right idea because they ran a 4-wire cable between the disconnect and the panel.

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After that they had a brain fart and forgot to separate the neutrals and grounds.

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And double lugging neutrals/neutrals/grounds is never a good practice regardless what the panel is wired as.

This is addressed in the NEC as well as the manufacturers instructions. Doubled grounding conductors are typically allowed. Neutrals one per hole.

Agree, but photo shows multiple neutrals in same hole, as well as neutrals with grounds in same hole, both not allowed.