On the inspection today I observed subpanel in the garage that is very different inside than the ones I inspected before. It has some relays and solenoids that I would think are for low voltage loads. Am I correct? Is someone familiar with these panels?

Not familiar at all but expect it is for some remote yard lighting . Do not think it is low voltage

Does the home have a generator or backup generator?. I believe those are designed to work with an emergency generator and keep circuits if the home energized if the generator kicks in.

There was no generator. Maybe it was there before but then was removed because I found some disconnected heavy cable in the attic that could be used for the generator.

Looks like an automatic transfer switch for an emergency back up generator.

I have a Guardian generator with the same panel.

you are all correct .
It is easy when you look at the guardian Generator name on the panel .
I should have seen that first try … Roy

Thanks to all. Something new on each inspection.

Agree with Scott, automatic transfer switch for aux generator