Summary location?

How do you, or me, move the Summary to the front of the report? Some people just want to bottomline it.

Handing out a lot of good information on my commute between jobs today sorry for the typos I’m driving move it to the front in HomeGauge right after your introduction people like it in the front make sure you tell your clients about the action buttons in the top right corner for home gauge that they can click the summary button and only those items will pop up in a window you should send yourself a copy of your inspection report so you can see what it looks like from the clients point of view. sorry can’t proof read this I hope it reads ok

I hope only when you’re stopped at a light. :slight_smile:

All one must do is click “Summary” at table of contents.

Surely all Californians aren’t that lazy. :stuck_out_tongue:


In the print setting dialog, other tab you can change the order of the sections.,

Frank, Open a new report in your template. Click on Print, select the document setting you normally use. Click the edit button, click the other tab at the top. You should get a print order menu. Click on the summary and use the up/down arrows to move it to the location you want. SAVE

Thanks for the help

I moved summary to top and exclude the pictures.
I put a disclaimer that they need to read the whole report because somethings may have inadvertently left of summary.
Summary does not have items that will need to be replaced in the near future.

If you don’t exclude pictures it appears that your report will be repeating it self.
Real estate and Lawyers only want the “cliff notes”

I just recently took the pictures out of the summary to help shorten the report. Much better

Summary at the end with no pictures with home inspections. No summary at all for mold inspection reports.

Whereever you want to put it.

Took the pictures out of mine and moved the summary above the report after the intro page. Realtors and clients love it. They don’t want to dig for it.

Those that use the upload service and delivers the report in a web presentation may want to set all your pictures to small in the report. It makes the report a lot less pages and when the buyer and agent clicks on the pics they expand to very large hi res.