sump pit in the the middle of basement?

i inspected a 6 year old home with a basement with a septic system that has a rough in plumbing consisted of 2- 2" pvc pipe and 1- 3" pipe next to a plastic sump pit. This pit was almost filled with water and has a a plunger like wing nut cap sealing off pipe that leads into the pit. There is another sump pit with pump in the low corner of the basement that was totally dry. My question is why is there water in the pit that is in the middle of the basement and what if any does it have to do with the rough in plumbing for a bathroom in the basement. The main septic plumbing pipe exits the home at the front about 4 feet off the basement floor.

sewage pit - 1 pipe for waste, 1 for vent.

but there is only the rough in…no waste water is entering those pipes…they are capped?

if it is a sewage pit it should be sealed and not open at the bottom???

if it is ground water or the elevation of water table at that time…then why isnt there water in the sump pit with pump at the corner only 20 feet away???

My house was built in 1954. Footing drains were installed on the INSIDE of the foundation walls. 2" pipe empties into a sump pit in the center if the basement. Can cap the pipe if we need to. House is built on a natural spring. High water table.

If the reason the pit in the middle of the basement has water in it, then why doesn’t the other pit at the low corner with a pump it in have signs of water in it???


That would help