sump pit

I need opinions on basement bathroom sink, shower and utility sink draining into sump pit. There is a drain line to the exterior. First time I’ve seen this one. Recently remodeled home in a small town. Stan

Can you tell where the sump pit sends the waste? I see a lot of “grinder pumps” during home inspections in my area in basements where the basement floor is below the sewer tap. It grinds the waste to a liquid and pumps it to the sewer tap. Perfectly legal if installed correctly.

Andrew Constantine
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Some states do not allow separate gray water discharging from the main sewer system. Most states, anymore, will not allow gray water discharged on top of the ground. Most cities regulate the gray water discharging. What I am trying to say areas are different. The state of Missouri does not like to see gray water discharged but does very little enforcement. I also at least note it, when I see it.
Also if the pump is not designed for gray water usage, it may fail due to what is ran down the drain. Ground water is a lot cleaner than gray water.

Where are you from Andrew and how do you know that is a sump pit and not a sewage pit?