Sump Pump

So I have seen this a few times over the past couple of months, where the sump pump discharge line is tied into the main sewer drain line in the basement. I have gotten mixed reviews on weather or not this is an appropriate plumbing decision. I would love any feed back. Thank you.

Depends on what is allowed in the jurisdiction.

Call your AHJ.

It hasn’t been allowed here in many years, but I have no idea where You are…You would have to check with a local building dept.

Not only where it discharges but what it discharged is important also. Most areas including mine does not allow ground water to be discharged to the city sewer. Had one last week discharged into the city sewer but no ground water just the washing machine drain and the drain for the furnace A-coil. Thus I did not call it out

Regardless of where you are and who says what, its a stupid idea/decision. I always will write up and I’ve never checked with anyone, nor do I intend to :D. Municipal wastewater needs to be treated. Chemicals for unnecessary treatment of rain/ground water is a waste of your $ and a higher sewer bill. Not to mention flow rates and such that the city sometimes bases billing and other treatment processes on. If it’s a septic system it’s even worse due to the “clear water” hindering the biological treatment of wastewater.

Pipe that sucker to the great outdoors well away from the house (like into the neighbors yard.)

what You are describing would have to be discharged to the city sewer system here…that is not a typical sump pump installation, but then You knew that…:wink:

Kinda like Tenn its pretty typical for here;-)

Seems to me if codes made sense if it is allowed for downspouts it should be Okay and visa versa.

Make sure it is actually discharging into the sewer and not into a storm drain. Some places will have both. Storm drains collect water from the streets, but not sewage. Municipal government drainage department can tell you if there are storm drains to the house.