Sump Pump Flooded. Need Advice

So this sump pump flooded the basement. Water kept coming back in from the two drains. I removed the check valve to see if it was clogged. They were fine. I then put a brick below the pump and seems like that fixed the problem. I did not see any water come out of the overflow pipe outside. Water was only trickling from the drains to the pit when I left. I advised to monitor it. Any advise or contractor referral (if applicable) will be helpful. The home is 3 years old. Thanks.

Is this your house, or an inspection?

parent’s house.

If you are not able to troubleshoot/replace the pump/its plumbing, get a plumber out there to look at it.

I was trying to say I think I fixed the problem, but I cannot guarantee it.

Mike, your liability went up when you took that apart to try to fix it.

We, as inspectors, typically, ONLY report what we see and make a referral so the qualified professional can assess the defect and make corrections, as needed.

Please protect your financial future. You may want to read the SOP again:

The very best to you.

Edit: I didn’t see it was your parents house.

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Larry thanks, I would never do this at an inspection. It was for my parents.

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Sorry, I type slowly…

Not a problem.

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If the pump was not working and you got it started, the water will be comming out of the two pipes for a long time untill all the backed up water is removed. If the pump is not discharging out side, it may be leeking back into the foundation and will keep pumping the same water over again. I had this problem and went from pump always running to a dry pit for last 7 years when I fixed the cracked pipe out side

I hope that’s a ball check installed on a horizontal and not a flapper style check which you’ll have to be very careful how you install it. If the brick helped now would be a good time to clean the bottom of the sump pit. The screens on the pump may have been clogged. I would clean the bottom of the sump pit, reinstall everything, discharge a hose into the sump pit and let it cycle at least a dozen times. Now you know you may have a proper operating pump. They’re only like 120 bucks to replace may want to go that route. Good job helping out your folks!

So the pump is working fine but can you all share some ideas for the long term on a good sump pump I can replace existing one with?


I concur.
If you run into a problem such as flooding, report what you observed.
If you think/feel you might be able to reduce the problem ask the vendor or vendor’s agent to give you permission. Make sure others heard it verbally as well as you can record it over your phone.
Only then you can try to solve a problem.

Typically/usually in most cases vendors and agents are honest but remember these words. “The road to hell is paved in gold with good intentions.”

Zoeller makes an excellent sump pump. You may be able to pick one up at Lowe’s.

After you or your parents “fix” the problem, I would recommend that they install a back-up system with a high water alarm, preferably a water driven back-up pump as opposed to a battery back-up driven pump.

@manderson7 Why is there so much water coming into the sump pump, exterior cracks? 3 year old house? I’m still waiting for a fix for a new house with a sump pump. Stupid engineers and their dumbazz drainage tile :upside_down_face:

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