Sump Pump Issue

I had to do a reinspect on a very wet crawlspace for a client of mine. The bank had paid for all repairs to this area before sale of house and I don’t think they paid for a good job. Any reason to have 2 holes at the bottom of the sump pump discharge line in the sump pit? When I arrived for the re-inspect, the sump pump was recirculating the sump water and the water was actually hot from the pump constantly running for over a week.

There’s supposed to be one 3/16" hole in the discharge line before the check valve to prevent air lock. Can’t imagine why someone would create two holes and can’t make out the size from the photo but it definitely looks bigger than 3/16".

I don’t see a check valve. If there is not one that is a problem albeit easily remedied.

There is a check valve about 3 feet about the pump.

After a more careful look at your picture I can see that the float switch is hitting the wall of the sump. That is why it is running continuously. Especially, if the water is as low in the sump as your picture shows. If the float was free it would turn off. This sump pump can only run continuously if the switch is not working because it is hung up. I have the same pump in my basement and on occasion it will work its way over to the side of the sump and not stop running.

I think that’s what happened hear, except the float valve was free. I handled the float valve to check the switch and I had to shake it to get it to move to the other side to shut off. The water was like a hot tub.

If the float hangs up and the pump runs dry there can be big problems

If the water that is coming from the discharge pipe is enough to trigger the float switch, the check valve is not working. All the water to the top of the discharge pipe is emptying back into the pit.