Sump pump lids need 2 be sealed 100% and termites inside cores of block

2:00 - 3:00 mark
radon can enter plus condensation on 1st floor, 1st floor odors etc

8:15 mark, termites in cores, and HOW can termites get inside the cores of block walls, crawl walls?
One easy way is through exterior cracks in basement, crawl walls


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Crawlspace block walls, see the deteriorating bricks abut to n below grade at beginning of video?

:55 mark, and what the exterior corner, don’t think water, termites etc won’t get in through anything like this? And instead, install an interior drainage system and encapsulate? These were some of this homeowners problems and the ONLY way to fix problems like this are on the outside, not inside.

You DO see, they RAISED the stupid grade lol, and what good did that do, plz do tell sheesh man

They also hired someone BEFORE they found my dumb azz who installed an exterior french drain from back to front, both sides of house… $$$$$

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