Sump pump question


I do not see a lot of sump pumps in my area and today I walked into a home with a basement and it had two. One of the pumps turned out not to turn on at all and the other caught my attention since while I was testing the bathroom fixtures I heard this loud bang. every few minutes. It turned out to occur when the sump pump turned off.

I tried to capture it on the video below. But the sound is not that great but if you would sleep in the bedroom next to the utility room you bet you would be jumping out of your bed. So my question is that normal for some sump pumps and another question is what is the trick with those rubber seals around the pipes to get them back into place without !@*&^.
It took me quite some time to get them back into place after I determined that the sump pump was really there and just did not work. (Foreclosure you know)

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Any input is appreciated.

I will often see sump pumps that are somewhat loud, but that one seems like it might be excessive. You are most likely hearing the check valve slam under the pressure of the water remaining in the upper portion of the discharge pipe. They make quieter check valves. It can also be loosely attached piping farther up the wall. Other than that, it appears that they built a wall over the waste ejector. How is that pump going to be serviced? Also, is that an open waste (white vent pipe) terminating within the basement? In regards to the rubber seal, These seals get old and very difficult to work with. Why did you remove the cover? If the pump does not work, I would report that it does not function and refer a plumber. There is no way I am going to remove the sump cover, particularly from a waste ejector with a macerator. It’s a disgusting task and usually cannot be done without replacing gaskets, seals ect. I leave that for the experts!

Same here…

Describe and report what you see/hear and refer it out as needed.

The white pipe is the discharge for the basement A/C unit and had no gasket on.

The reason I opened is that I was under the impression I have to due to the following SOP entries in AZ and as I stated before I do not see them hardly ever and the last one I looked before that had just an lid on and no pipes going through the top.

11.1 The inspector shall observe:

F. sumps.

the inspector shall

open readily openable access panel]( Accessible)[s]( Accessible) provided by the manufacturer or installer for routine homeowner maintenance.

which translates into InterNACHI SOP
The inspector shall
inspect the drainage sump pumps and test pumps with accessible floats