Question about a sound my pump made

I was in the basement remodeling and i heard this sound. Did this come from the water pump. If so is it a bad sound? Not sure if I should replace it.

Sounds like a pump thats kicking in and out repeatedly. possible air lock in pump…possibly a float arm stuck or rubbing against the side of the pit. Ensure unobstructed movement of the arm or float depending on the type of sump pump.

What style is it, submersible or pedestal? And can you see if the pump is starting and stopping, it’s kinda hard to tell just by a sound clip. I do have a couple of submersibles in my house, and have replaced them a few times, so if you can give us some more info, it would really help. Keep a close eye on it so you don’t end up with a mess. How old is it…How often does it normally kick in during a day,…is the water level around normal? that kind of thing

After re-reading your post I realized you are maybe talking about a water supply pump like from a well or something…I was thinking sump pump. Need more details.

Can’t quite make out the sound…can you post another sound clip from the video production company?

It sounds like it is from the Longwood manor in Macedonia, Ohio.

I wonder is there a small hole in the exhaust pipe below the check valve to allow the water to drain out of the pump so it has no air in the pump. Recommended for most instulations

Roy Cooke


May I ask why your file is called GREMLIN and is hosted by a video production company?

I agree- I’ve heard this before. It sounds like a sump pump trying to push more water out when there is no water to push out. I’d check for a stuck float.

hey thanks alot for all your help. I needed to know if this was a nomral sound that people have heard.

and I uploaded it to my website in order for other people to hear, it was the quickest and easiest way to do so.

if you have any more input, I’d love to hear it. thanks!


Does it come on and off like it should .
Did you unplug it and let the water get good and high in the hole then plug it back in see what this does .
Does it have a hole to alow the water to get out of the pump when it shuts to avaid an air lock
With more information you might get more ideas . Rot Cooke