Sump Pump that has an air suction or vacuum effect

Sump Pump that has an air suction or vacuum effect accruing. Ok here is the story: at first glance I thought it was a waste ejector for the basement bathroom, so I went and turned on the tub flushed the toilet a few times and wait for a response NOTHING? So I got down and put my ear to it and found that what I was hearing was actually air getting sucked into the sump pump and not water filling it. (photo of TP being sucked to the lid) First thought was what heck! Not sure! Little more info: the sump pump is located in the same closet area as the gas HWT and gas HAVC, a combustible fresh air vent or return air register is located right next to the sump pump (That suck air). Any concerns? My thoughts of why has a vacuum effect accruing: The sump pump is designed to gather the excessive amount of moisture from below the slab and so is the radon venting system, so now the radon venting system is drawing its air suction through the sump pump? Any other thoughts or ideas or concerns? Please pass them along. Thanks

Did the home have a Radon mitigation system installed? The sump pit would typically be sealed, ,but since yours wasn’t, you could be hearing air being sucked in by the negative pressure developed by the Radon system.

Hey Jeffrey Thanks for the response. Ya thats what I figured with the radon and sump pump but I wanted to know if there were any concerns? Should the sump pump be completely sealed tight? There was so much suction would it suck the quick vent valve closed?