Ejector Pump Question

This is not for a home inspection but just a general question to maybe some of the older inspectors out there. A family member in Kentucky has a main sewer line going out the side of the basement foundation wall. This requires an ejector pump for the basement laundry and bathroom. I believe the basement bathroom rough in plumbing was done in the last 10 years. But a floor drain was also in the basement floor that looked much older (the house was built in 1935). The floor drain goes somewhere, I’m thinking maybe the ejector pump due to the main sewer draining a few feet higher than the floor. Or, did older homes with the higher sewer line still have floor drains that drained somewhere else? For my general curiosity, can anyone enlighten me on when ejector pumps were first used?

They were first used in 1887 for larger systems and run by steam but:

Typically, the old floor drain probably went to a dry well.


Have a plumber run his sewer scope down that floor drain if you want to know where it goes. That is, if it “goes” anywhere.