Sump Pump

All the homes in my area have sump pumps. I’ve inspected hundreds of submersibles but this is the first I’ve seen with only one wire coming out of the pit. Usually there’s two, one power cord and one cord for the float switch. Unfortunately the lid was screwed and caulked so I couldn’t open it.

Has anyone seen this arrangement?

I expect it has a switch inside did you run water to see the pump come on.

If not I recommend you put in your report Sump pump not tested and the reason why.
If on town water I always recommend a back up water powered pump in case of a power failure .
I have two water powered as back ups
A battery back up can also be used if not a high water flow

Older sump pumps used a single cord, probably an older pump, all the more reason to have access to it.
Sump pumps need periodic maintenance and inspection, so a sealed sump pit should be written up as defect.
“No access to sump pit. Sump pumps need to be inspected and function tested at least once a year, possibly more often depending on conditions at this property.
Recommend making the sump pit accessible.”

Oftentimes sump pits are sealed if Radon Mitigation systems are installed in the home. A sealed pit is not a defect, simply an inconvenience to break the seal and reseal for maintenance or repairs.

The house and pump were only a year old. I wrote it up as “not tested/not accessible”.

Sump pump.jpg

These only have one cord (Float switch is built in).

Thanks, that’s probably it.

Yup, pretty common here in Bmore.