Sump Pit ?

This sump pit has no visible inlets from weeping tile or ony other source other than what appears to be water entering from just below the basement floor and spilling into the top of the pit. The pit fills and the pump runs every 3 minuets. The property is 80 years old and the owner passed away. The relatives handling the estate are not cooperating with information. My question is why are there no tile inlets to the sump and what are the results of having water entering the the pit from under the basement slab?

It could be on a spring, I had one in Canada, That perked up into the pit. The pump kept it from coming up over the floor, even through a no rain for Months i had water coming up so i know it wasn’t not a drainage issue . My house was over 100 ( 12 years ago.)

Advise them to get a backup pump in there if possible. I’d hate to see that basement if the pump fails and the place is vacant.

Canadian Tire sells those pumps, on sale right now for $79.99. Made in C…a :stuck_out_tongue:

John Kogel

You may want to refer to a soil classification map for that particular area. A better option would have been to dig a trench to divert water away from the site rather than install a sump.
I wonder if there were modifications to the property such that required excavation ? If so they may have disturbed an underground spring and were faced with water intrusion. By the looks of it the pedestal pump is the only source of removal. I’d recommend the installation of a secondary backup pump, alarm, or both.

Vince that is what happen to mine, it sat right on a spring i used 2 sumps one worked the other as a back up. 15 years i never saw it get over the concrete. Springs are very common in Ontario

Sounds like a high water table. Not much you can do but keep pumping it out.

This time of year the water table is particularly high. Getting as much info from family is important. Also, I haven’t seen to many houses that old with drain tile, maybe some gravel or a rudimentary tile, but nothing like you see in a more modern home.

I would agree that a back up system is important, there are several good options out there from battery systems to systems that utilize city pressure.