Sump pumps......ugh..

Ask for a professional drainage contractor to install a crawl space drainage system and this is what I get…sump pump plumbed into the sewer line and an orange extension cord run to an exterior outlet. Check out the classic home depot bucket for a sump well…this contractor goes all out…sheesh!

Craig Holland 5-13-06 003.jpg

Craig Holland 5-13-06 001.jpg

Keep the pump, **** can the rest. The question should be…Why does the crawl need a sump pump?

Everything about that installation is wrong. Tell me that is not an extention cord used as permanent wiring.

Oh yeah…hey mike…atleast it has its own permament disconnect…( the fire department when they come to PULL it out the PLUG when the house is on fire )…lol

Gesshh…again amazing what people will do…

Oh yes it was an orange extension cord…It ran out through a crawl space vent screen (now a perfect access for rodents) under a 12’ wide deck and up to the exterior outlet. Due to the age of the home it did not have GFCI exterior outlet protection, either.

Did I mention the sump well was a “Homer Bucket”…what a classic!

Update…the guy who called himself a contractor on this…reluctantly returned to remove the extension cord…and install a dedicated circuit from the main panel to the sump location and installed a GFCI outlet.
He also removed the drain line from the sewer, and installed that to the storm drain system. He added some drain rock around the Homer bucket with silt fabric.

It is still a half a** install for additional reasons, and I have made it very clear to the buyers that the system may be truly insufficient when it is needed.

Just another case of a seller trying to get by. I don’t mind a low cost solution…if it truly is a solution. I just get tired of sellers’ doing, or having sub standard repairs performed, and trying to pass it off as something legitimate.

Some sellers’ just don’t care if it is done right or not. The contactor working for the seller told the agents I must be from another county with more strict codes. Again…ughh!!!

Just covering his own rear.

Of course you all know he was the lowest builder.

Was his name Larry? Did he have two brothers, each named Daryl?

Hey!!! :stuck_out_tongue: