sump pumps

The basement is finished & I couldnt see where the pipes where going for the puump closet to you in the picture.

Home had 2 pumps both appeared to be sumps. The first one in the corner I opened the lid & had no problem identifying. The 2nd pump also appears to be a sump & not a sanitary. I am not sure of what was going to the pump. This lid had about 12 screws & I didnt open.

The laundry is on the other side of the basement.

Any thoughts on the 2nd pump?? The pump in question is closet to you in the picture. The pipe with the shut off goesto the main drain stack. The other pipe is the one I couldnt follow to find out where it was coming from.


77406 Medina 022 (Small).jpg

77406 Medina 022 (Small).jpg

Sump, to the left in the picture, is a sealed sanitary sump.

The valved line is the discharge.

The second line is the vent. I have found the vent to terminate atmospherically at the roof or tied in upstream to the top of the sanitary drain.