Sun Nuclear 1028 (SOLD)

I have 2 Sun Nuclear 1028’s for sale. Bought in 2013 and 2015. One needs calibration and the other was calibrated 3/2019. They are in perfect condition, come with cases, tripods and door hangers. $575 & $625 + shipping. I will sell both together for $1100 + shipping. (928) 241-2446

Hi steve, I’m interested in purchasing the most recently calibrated monitor you have. Do you have the calibration certificate? Is there any way you can send pics of the equipment?

Hi Alyssa, Here is a copy of the certificate and photos. If you buy the second one it’s only $475 more. The only reason I’m selling is because I moved to Arizona (zone 2) and nobody is interested in testing. I moved from Montana where there were high levels and some people wanted testing.

IMG_20190628_0001.pdf (582 KB)



If one or both of these are still available I’d be interested in buying them.