Sun nuclear 1028 xp vs corentium pro

I know this question has been beaten to death but after extensive research Ive narrowed down these 2 units for my purchase.
Things that are important

  1. Ease of setup
  2. Bluetooth connectivity
  3. Generates an easy to use and professional report, which allows easy customization,directly from the monitor site
  4. Awesome customer service

After reading everything I can get my hands on the reviews on the corentium are that customer service is spotty at best, the reports and the app aren’t as user friendly as it seems but the ease of use is very good. The negatives about the Sun Nuclear seem to be limited to the questionable bluetooth connectivity in that some have said it doesn’t always connect, which could be a problem…
Looking for some feedback before I make my purchase some point within the next few weeks…
Please don’t comment about state statutes and regulation etc… I don’t care, only about the units themselves… Look forward to the comments so I can feel 100% about my purchase as this group has the most experience in the field… Thanks!!

I use the 1028 xp. I choose it because I liked the report software and the look of the report. I don’t use Bluetooth though.

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I also use the 1028 XP with the environmental card. Simple to use and create reports. Uploading the results using the blue tooth or cable to computer is quick as well. I have used both functions without issue. Can’t say I have used the corentium pro however…

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thanks for the info…hoping to get some more feedback

I use Corentium pros for my tests. No complaints. They are easy to use and provide nice reports.
I’m sure most folks won’t be able to give a comparison as they use one or the other, or something completely different.

As an early Corentium adopter I was critical at first.

Mostly of their service, but it has improved over the last ~2 years and their app has had a recent firmware upgrade and has improved quite a lot.

I’d go with Corentium Pro.

Seems like both systems have positive feedback… The sun nuclear is cheaper to purchase and has far less negative comments on amazon

Hello Chris;
My name is Glen and I am part of the Corentium Pro technical support team. I know we have had some bad comments from the support side in the past but let me tell you what we have done to try and improve this. I was brought on board about 5 months ago to give some added support, we had a new release of the application in December and we will have more improvements later this year. We also implemented a phone service that is open from 9amcst-2pmcst Mon-Fri. We are looking to expand that as well. There will be a $200 discount starting the second week of March for 3 weeks as well, if you are still interested. Hope this helps, let me know if there are any other questions. … Have a great day.

Glen, how customizable is the Corentium report software? My state has requirements for what must be included on the customer’s report and the OneRadon software for the SunRadon units does not get it done. Is there a way a person can get ahold of the software to test the customization before purchasing?

Just curious what requirements?

Tony, here is the state provided report form. Everything on here must be on your custom report if you do not use this one.
testreport.pdf (199.0 KB)

Hey Ryan;
Let me take a look through the example test report you sent out, and I can compare to the customizations. Are you in Minn??
Also, let me look to see if I can get you a log in to look at the dashboard. Are you interested in Sales getting in touch with you, to walk you through???

Glen, yes, Minnesota. I would like to get a look at the dashboard if possible. Or, if you are able to create a sample report with the info Minn. requires, you can just send that to me.

Hello Ryan;

I haven’t forgotten about you, I just haven’t had the time to go through the report as of yet.
I have enclosed a link here to some training video’s that may be of interest to you as well.
Also our sales manager Zachary can be reached at 833 776 2767 option 2 for sales.
I will still look to get you a sample report and let me know if there are any additional questions from the video’s Scroll down for videos.

Have a great day.