Continuous Radon Monitors 2021


I am in the market for a continuous radon monitor but the existing threads on the forum are a few years old.

I am looking for a good value, reliable, and easy to read report, ideally without the annual cost of software.

Based on feedback I have seen, it seems the a RadonAway RS300, Alpha 310, or Alpha 516 OR a Sun Nuclear 1028 or 1030 OR a Airthings Corentium Pro…are the top contenders. Does anyone have feedback on which is the best?



Define “Good Value”. Is that a fancy way of saying “cheap”??


I got to use the air things corentium pros for a little while not that I can tell you everything but as far as easy reliable reporting it doesn’t get much better.

Hi Jeff,

No, I know what each monitor costs and thus I am aware of which is the cheapest strictly speaking. I define good value as a reasonable initial cost compared against maintenance/issue/customer service costs.

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I have some Corentium pro (for about three years) and some Eco Sense (1 year) . I met the Eco Sense engineers at the Inspector Conference June 2019 hosted by Internachi. I have found both to be easy to use and reliable. Eco Sense is less expensive. I personally like the look of the Corentium reports better, but that’s just preference. When I have used them side by side, I get very close to the same results. Both interface with my Iphones very easily. No Complaints.

And Ecosense gives InterNACHI a discount, unlike Airthings… :thinking:

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If you like cheap and reliable. SunNuclear 1027’s and 1028’s have been good for me for many years. They do no have all the bells and whistles (all the tampering features and slick reports) but accuracy, support and calibration has not been an issue. In fact, I have never bought a new machine. Or a new truck for that matter, always used. I also offer cheap advice. LOL.


I am looking the Eco Sense up now and I believe you are referring to the “FTLab RadonEye RD200P (Ecosense)” correct?

That unit is substantially cheaper than the others I was suggesting. How is the calibration process?

yes. this is it. around $800. Less with Internachi discount.

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all these different CRMs have to be sent in to a lab for “calibration”. It is for keeping up with national standards, not because the device needs it.

I very much appreciate the input Bret. In regards to my calibration question, I was curious if you sent it back to the manufacturer or s different lab?

My third Airthings Corentium pro arrived in the mail today. I love the ease of use and the look of the reports.

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Not only that, but as critical is to perform regular duplicates and cross checks. Case in fact; I’m chasing an issue of accuracy, and it may or may not be an issue of calibration error from the lab. My crosschecks are in the “warning level” on a newly calibrated device. Fortunately I’m in a licensed state and have expert consultation available.

I use the USA Lab Bowser Morner. I think it would cost too much and take too much time to send back to Europe to the manufacturer. I don’t even know if that’s an option. The USA lab is qualified for NRPP, NRSB, etc.

SunNuclear 1027 are so crappy. if the 9 Volt battery dies and you unplug the device for longer then 15 minutes the thing becomes useless. has to be mailed to sunnuclear for a new internal battery. it can not be changed by yourself. I had one and the 9 volt batter died. Did not know it. Packed it up after a job. and low and behold next time use, it did not work.

I have 4 Radon Eye Pro’s with external batteries. they work great, report can be sent on site as soon as test is completed.

EcoSense has to be sent in for calibration once a year. they have a lab that does it. I cant remember the lab name. But not the manufacturer. As I have only had my 4 CRM’s from them for a few months now.

Don’t let the 9 volt battery die. I replace mine frequently. I am not advocating for them, I just don’t have the problem you do. I have had mine for many years.

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The Airthings Pro is calibrated by our own lab in the U.S now, not at Bowser.
Any questions let me know.

Hi Glen, I just got back one of my Airthings Correntium Pro’s from your USA lab last week. The price for calibration was less than I paid at Bowser last year. I’m glad you have your own facility now. Turn around time was very fast with Airthings. Thanks for the great service. My next monitor is due for claibration in a couple months.

I had a sun nuclear 1027 and the 9 volt died, then the internal battery died. I had to send it to the manufacture for a battery replacement. What a stupid design flaw.

Just purchased another Airthings Corentium Pro this evening, I have four now. Hard to beat the $899 sale. I have two other being sent in for calibration next week.

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