HAPPY EASTER ! save some eggs for the children. Have a Great Inspection Week.

Happy Easter.

Yep, what should be a great day is just the opposite for me today. The devil is trying to tear down everything that I have worked so hard for over the last 12 to 13 years. Will this be my second divorce? Will I end up in jail over something that I didn’t do? Is something telling me to move back to my home state of Virginia? I don’t know but there is no room for any evil in my life. Sad day for me and a very rough one at that. I am not going into detail. Anyway my family at InterNACHI, have a Happy Easter.

Happy Easter, Michael…I hope life gets better for you and yours soon.
Warm regards,

Larry Kage, I am honored that you have replied. You are one of my favorite InterNACHI members (no kidding). I respect you.

Life has handed me a handful this year especially. I am trying to provide for my wife, 4 kids, myself as well as my brother, his wife, and their 3 kids. A total of 11 people. I am having to do it all. Paying the bills, feeding, cooking, cleaning, and helping the 7 kids with homework / hygiene.

My wife is in bad shape back and forth to the hospital as well as her grandmother. Open heart surgery for Grandma and hernia surgery for my wife. I am trying my best to mow / weed-eat 2 times a week on a 4 acre lot.

I am struggling at nights to learn / master my new inspection reporting software that I have from George Wells and Best Inspectors Network. I hardly get any help and when I do, it’s very little. Oh, I get thanked for everything but where is my help?

I had planned on going to Church this Easter Sunday, I had allowed my family to upset me to the point that I was enraged with anger, hate and resentment.

It took all day and a lot of praying but I am starting to calm down. I give it everything that I have 24/7 and I am a good guy. People take advantage of my kindness and use me. My kids get around others and act like I have never taught them values. Oh they use their manners but they are becoming sorry/ lazy/ disrespectful young’ns- like today’s youth.

My wife is the sweetest loving woman that I know but when she gets around my sister-n-law, she makes me madder than a hornet.

I am wearing myself down to the point of exhaustion and nobody cares. They all expect good ole Michael to do it all.

Yes, I have a backbone and Cahoonas. That’s what caused such a bad day. I spoke up and told everyone to start helping me out and to pull their own weight.

You wouldn’t believe how easily 10 others can get ticked off when you say get your act together and let’s go to Church as a family.

Yeah, I lost it. No I didn’t hit anyone but I Daggone- just have had enough. I found peace with God and asked Jesus Christ to forgive me of my sins and to forgive me for being so filled with anger today, right before I took time to be with what I love and enjoy the most.

InterNACHI has gave me hope over the last 4 and 1/2 years. Larry, I do appreciate your kind words. Happy Easter and thanks again. Sorry about the post. It’s all true. Just had to let it out I guess.

No need to apologize, Michael…I am familiar from where you speak. If we’re honest, all of us are at one time or another. You sound like a good man and you have the strength and you know what Easter is all about…:slight_smile:

Life has been a struggle for me for many years.
I will include you in my prayers this evening.

Joseph Hagarty- and- Larry Kage both wishing me well. Is this Easter Sunday or Christmas. Man, I respect both of you so much and this is truly an honor for this particular Home Inspector.

I appreciate the kind words. I always pray for every InterNACHI member and certain ones on certain days to be safe and for their business to thrive and to be successful. I pray for you as inspectors, your families, your clients, and your knowledge to keep everyone safe after you leave.

Joseph Hagarty- I am praying that your current lawsuit teaches them people a valuable lesson. I respect Joe Ferry and I actually won his seminar at Christmas. I will put him on retainer very soon.

Joe and Larry, You both are role models for me and should be for every other inspector as well (both seasoned inspectors and newbies).

My Easter just got a whole lot better.