Happy Easter everyone.

Happy Easter.

He has risen indeed!

Glorious day!

Happy Easter to all.


Happy Easter every one
It’s a wonderful day


Happy Easter Guys. If you are doing an egg hunt make sure to leave some empty ones and explain to the children that the empty ones are best!

Heading to an inspection, have a great day everyone…

God Bless You All and Your Loved Ones on This Day.

I have the brisket in the smoker wish ya were here. Have a good day

Happy Easter.

Oh my Charley, that sounds much better than inspecting a Dollar Tree store.

Hope you and Vie have a great day. Please tell Vie I said HI…!!

Hey Dale,

Have you found a way to take all of that money with you when you leave this world?

Not really Greg, but I found buying gold bullion and silver will work long after the fiat money we have in our pockets and bank accounts collapse…:smiley:

Best not to have any fiat money, get rid of it as fast as possible.

Happy Easter everyone. Cheers!!:wink:

Bunny… I mean rabbit in the smoker here… :wink: