Sup panel distance from ground

I have a question. Is there any height requirement for a sub panel from the ground? This sub panel was approximatley 2 inches from the ground. What I worry about is water infiltration into the panel when we get our heavy desert rain showers

Picture 030.jpg

Unless locally amended there is literally no minimum.

Unless of course it is for a mobile home then it would not be able to be lower than 24" off the ground. Speedy is 100% correct…now we can have an issue of its location being a problem if it is in a location that is subject to damage…then we would require protection ( ie: barriers and so on )

Whether it’s a code issue or not, this LSE installation would still get written up as a recommendation to raise sub panel to a safer distance from grading.

I wrote it up that it is close to grade and should be evaluated by a licesned electrician. That during periods of heavy rain fall there is the potential for water to get into the panel.

. . . and when the electrician “evaluates” it, he/she will say there’s nothing wrong with it.

Make the recommendation to relocate it, not to “evaluate” it - you’ve already done the evaluation.

Tell them your concerns, and let them make the choice.

Mr.Pope is oh so right…If you an electrician’s opinion…chances are they will say…as long as no breaker handles are higher than the NEC allows…then it is fine to an electrician.

Remember…If it is a safety concern in your eyes…call it out exactly as you feel it…without code references and let the client choose if they feel the same way…after that its out of your hands.