Exterior Service Panel

Found this today. Can’t find the specs for such panels and I know that some mobile home parks/RV parks have them pretty close to the ground but thought this was extreme. It’s a Mobile home on private property. Anyone have some input?

Very common in MH parks. Some even lower than that, which I have to dig out just to open the cover. I never did look up the requirements for these.

I can’t find anything but my first reaction was to call it out but had to reel back in until I find out for sure. Right off the bat I want to see an obvious hazard. What about a heavy rain and the panel sitting in a ponding area?

I don’t believe there is a lower minimum height requirement, but you can recommend anything you want especially if safety is involved e.g. heavy rain and ponding at the panel board.

Thanks Larry, Logic does apply in this case if nothing else

You’ll be hard pressed to find anything that disallows this installation, other than (perhaps) the fact that its own cover violates the working space clearance requirements.

Thanks Jeff, that was the original formula I went to before looking for exterior specs. Glad I didn’t make a big deal about so we will just recommend adjustments based on safety.

That is debatable. For one thing the cover is removable without having to open it. Remove one screw on each side, then the hinged cover is off. Now you can work on the panel. :wink: