Super Flashing

Sorry for the lack of photo detail.
This is a commonly overlooked around here, head flashing construction defect.
They usually try and disguise it better.

Barry; Hope you wrote that one hard, I would not even call this a flashing.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

You guys sure are hard on the carpenters.
That ranks right up there with my faux flashing.


No way, any metal, even when installed incorrectly, and globs of caulk is the builders and homeowners cure for moisture intrusion.

The wood door unit was not sealed at the stationary side sweep prior to installation. There is no sweep, flashing, or any other type of weather seal at the threshold. Now lets exacerbate the situation and add a few irrigation heads. The moisture levels were at 100% before the irrigation was tested. This won’t make it to the one-year warranty.


In this picture isn’t the let-in Z flashing that’s atop the frame the way to do it?

Aside from faux flash and caulking looks good from Texas?

I was taught to cut the 1x4 head trim at least 1/8" proud of the stiles and head flashing. Maybe I’ve been doing it wrong all these years? I’ll have to research that one.

As a sprinkler contractor I can certainly appreciate that last picture…

Too much…

Barry; Nothing wrong with the way you were taught, but there is plenty wrong with the picture you posted.

When are some of these builders going to learn? They were never taught I guess, are if they were, they have been doing it wrong for all this time.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

What do you make of this?