Super Stor age

Help please with Super stor hot water heater age


Never heard of Super Stor…

The serial number looks a little like a State Industries number. If that’s the case then it’s May of 2002.

This is what I know as Super Stor.

Is this State Industries?


If you are asking me, I honestly don’t know. Like I said, I have never heard of them before today.

If you have a picture of the label, sometimes that has some clues.

Be patient though, someone else will likely be along soon that will know, Possibly Russel Ray. He’s pretty good with these numbers. So are several others here.

State’s first letter is (L)–

Bradford White single letter (E) would be 1988. If it looks new then it is 2008.

Both make a ton of of “other brand” names,

AOSmith uses a letter followed by the year – in this case 2002.

After letter–first four numbers of Serial Number (0286=Feb 1986)

A O SMITH Letter followed by two numbers (800-A-84-12345=Jan 1984)

BRADFORD-WHITE First letter – Year of manufacture (or 20 years earlier)

A 1984 (64) B 1985 (65) C 1986 (66) D 1987 (67) E 1988 (68) F 1989 (69)

G 1990 (70) H 1991 (71) J 1992 (72) K 1993 (73) L 1994 (74) M 1995 (75)

N 1996 (76) P 1997 (77) S 1998 (78) T 1999 (79) W 2000 (80) X 2001 (81)

Y 2002 (82) Z 2003 (83)

Second letter – Month of manufacture

A Jan - B Feb - C Mar - D Apr - E May - F Jun

G Jul - H Aug - J Sep - K Oct - L Nov - M Dec

G/E colors in serial number GENG050243789765 red is month
blue is year
**STATE **First letter (L) followed by two numbers = year of manufacture

MOR-FLO First two numbers in serial number.

**STATE **First letter – Month of manufacture

A Jan - B Feb - C Mar - D Apr - E May - F Jun

G Jul - H Aug - J Sep - K Oct - L Nov - M Dec

****followed by two numbers = year of manufacture

Hey Jae,
I don’t know which one of us is right or not, but I thought state’s first letter indicated a month. Followed by two digit year. That’s why I was guessing that this brand was another one possibly manufactured by them.

Thanks Jae,

Helped me with another one.

Mark, thanks for checking in.

Scott’ s heater starts with (E) so I don’t think it’s State. But heck, I’m more wrong than right anyway.

I’ve got a table document that Barry Adair has on his web site, that he said we could borrow. That table says the first letter on a State was the month. That’s why I said I thought it might be a State industries model, under a store name.

I’m doubting myself too. Heck you’re more experienced than I.

I’m hoping someone can jump in here and set us straight. :smiley:

I’m a little cloudy, I’ve haven’t been thinking so good the last couple of days… Last Friday the misses asked me if her jeans made her back side look big. I said “No, it’s the size of your …”

I never saw her swing the bat.

In my area, I see these Super Stor units all the time probably 15-20%. I have never worried about the age until this one and never really thought about who makes them.

I guess it will be great if somebody can help decifer this so I have a little better handle on these units.


I believe it would be the same age as the boiler next to it.

For those that have not seen these yet. The Superstor and other similar tanks are an indirect heated (by hot water coils) domestic hot water storage tank. The tank heating coils are fed from a low mass, cold start oil or gas heating boiler and are simply another zone with its own pump off the boiler…the most efficient way to heat hot water and heat the house from a single boiler.

May 2002.

However, the casing looks like it’s from the mid to late 1970s. I suspect that the water heater was renovated in May 2002, which resulted in the new tag. If you look at the burners and probably the thermostat, they probably look like 2002 units rather than 1970s units.

Super Stor is made by Crown…I am looking for the same thing now

SuperStor has a separate year code listed somewhere on the label. The month and day of manufacture should also be listed so the only thing that needs to be determined is the year. Year codes are letters and the year code. I believe 1993 is A, 1994 - B, etc. I know for a fact that the K and L letters are for 2004 and 2005 respectively.