Bradfor White water heater age

Anyone have updated info on these, mine is old and don’t make sense anymore…

Bradford White water heater SN EF10718168

Looks like June of whatever year E is, I really don’t think its a 1988 model since it is on a new house.
I suspect its a least 2-3 years old though.


June 2008

Fresh link for BW.

June of 1988 or 2008…


[size=5][size=4]Bradford White[/size][/size] [size=2]Water Heater[/size]
Manufactured by Bradford White
Sample Serial #: YE1395234
Using the serial number locate the first and second digits. i.e. ***YE**1395234 * The first digit is the year of manufacture. (A=1984 or 2004; B=1985 or 2005; C=1986 or 2006; D=1987 or 2007; E=1988 or 2008; F=1989 or 2009; G=1990; H=1991; I was not used; J=1992; K=1993; L=1994; M=1995; N=1996; O was not used; P=1997; Q was not used; R was not used; S = 1998; T=1999; U was not used; V was not used; W=2000; X=2001; Y=2002; Z=2003).
The second digit is the month of manufacture. (A=January; B=February; C=March; D=April; E=May; F=June; G=July; H=August; I was not used; J=September; K=October; L=November; and M=December.
Using this sample serial number. The unit was manufactured in May, 2002.

Check out it has a lot of brands listed and age charts