Supports for small deck enter the home from garage

Good afternoon,
Should I call out on a new build supports missing from small deck in the garage? Shouldn’t there be supports along the 4x4 Vertically?

how are the posts connected to the ground? are they just sitting on the concrete?
If so I would recommend post anchors be installed.

One of these would have worked;

And the stringer attached to the landing should also have full bearing.


They are sitting on the concert. Thank you Marcel I appreciate the information.

Is that a 1x6 rim band? Sure looks small.

It is only a 4x6? Platform to enter the house. :roll_eyes: I don’t think you are going to have a dance party on it.


Morning, John.
Hope this post finds you well.
Is this a deck or balcony and egress?

Yes. Write hard. There are numerous building and support defects and deficiencies.
Any images further away and from other angles?

What is the deck/balcony attached to?
Is there a ledger board or are the deck/balcony joists cantilevered from the interior?

Columns should have frost footings.
Columns support beams.
Beams support decking.
Guardrail post every 6’ feet.
Baluster gap no more than 4" inches.

Deck should have diagonal sway bracing.